Technical Info


Technical information is provided to the best of our knowledge all risks / concerns associated with production are the responsibility of the production company.

Access / Loading

Transit / Luton Van’s under 3 meters can be driven into the studio space
7.5 Tonne will be able to back into the loading bay, but not fully drive in
Articulated Lorries able to unload on single yellow line, a forklift may be needed.

For ease of access camera and lighting van can be parked inside the studio please contact your producer for unloading options.


Studio has two industrial memshield-3 (3 phase) boards.

The total power that can be pulled from both boards is
200 AMP (3 phase) or 600 amp (single phases i.e. 3x 200A)

** This has been recently updated in 2019 and re-certified.

POWER BOARD (A) – far side
125A Memshield 3 Board
1x 125A 3PNE socket CEEFORM / CEE (C63A breaker) limited to 63 AMP
1x 63A 3PNE socket CEEFORM / CEE (C63A breaker) limited to 63 AMP
1x Emergency Light / Work Light in case of trip
1x 125A Isolater for emergency use

POWER BOARD (B) – near side / Backup / House Board
125A Memshield 3 Board
1x 63A 3PNE CEEFORM / CEE (C63A breaker) limited to 63 AMP
1x Emergency Light / Work Light in case of trip
1x 125A Isolater for emergency use

This board also powers the Green Room / Production room sockets which are all on RCBO’s
13A Sockets in studio on C32 MCB’s

C63 breakers are:
Eaton MEM EMCH363 63a 3 pole type C 15kA
Rated Breaking capacity 10ka to IEC 60898 and 15ka to IEC60947-2


Lighting Grid

We have a huge 15m x 15m lighting grid the height to the grid is approximately 5 1/2 meters access to the grid is via scaffold tower.


Safety Warning

Under no circumstances should any alterations be made to the rigging. If alterations are needed to this structure must be approved by the studio and made by the installer as diagrams and calculations will need to be updated. We do not allow climbing on the grid without same day full inspection / harnesses.

Loading Limits not to exceed
0.6 kN/m to beam (0.3kN/m to beam and 0.3kN/m to purlin)
1kN at 2m c/c to beam only (0.5kN to beam and 0.5kN to purlin)
2 kN at 3m c/c to beam only (1kN to beam and 1kN to purlin)

Lighting Truss

10 meter global truss, supported by steel spansets + manual chain hoist

If you have any further technical questions please e-mail


Water tap is available in the loading bay, the studio has a manhole on the far side for getting rid of water from set. Cleaning charges will apply for use of water on set.

Set Builds

Set Disposal

All sets / props must be disposed of by the production company. We will charge for the disposal of any unwanted items left. Please note it is more expensive for us to dispose off items at short notice and any /all costs incurred will be passed onto production. We will only dispose of general food waste that is in black bags.

If we are unable to arrange for disposal storage of the items will be charged daily at 50% of studio hire rate.


Productions can only repaint the floor with prior permission the floor must be repainted back to black with the correct paint. The only paint we allow is Flints Black Stage Paint, if other paints are used floor sanding / repainting charges will apply.

No drilling is allowed under any circumstances to the floor or studio walls any attempt to do so will be treated as criminal damage .


Skips can be hired for disposal of sets, please get in touch for details.


Professional cleaning charges will apply for any use of Sand, Water, Glitter, Dust, Dirt, Animals, Paints on set.

If you are planning on using these do let us know in advance. Last minute professional cleaning charge or repainting will be significantly higher.