Electrical Information

Electrical information

East End Studios has 1x 125A 3 phase and 1x 100A 3 phase power supplies with a total supply of 225 AMP 3 Phase (600 Amps).

Our electrical is high-end industrial (Mem Eaton brand) and has been designed for Film / Stage Usage in mind.

It also features:
– Work Light / Emergency Lighting on the board
– Power Usage Monitoring, Voltage, Amp, Phase Neon’s
– Multiple Boards for power redundancy and lighting different parts of set
– External Isolation Support in case of Emergency or on set electrical work

The specification below is the current specification, we are gradually improving this around productions.

Current specification is:
2x 63A 3PNE Sockets
1x 125A 3PNE (limited to 63 amp)
Various 13 Amp Sockets around Studio

Please check for updates nearer to your shoot or get in touch if you have specific power requirements before booking.

Please see table for more details:

Electric Summary

Category House Supply
(near entrance)
Lighting Supply
(opposite side)
Overall Capacity
Total Power 375 Amp 375 Amp 750 Amp (single phase)
3 Phase Power 125 Amp / 3 Phase 125 Amp / 3 Phase 250 Amp / 3 Phase
Extension NO NO
3 Phase Sockets 1x 125 3PNE (limited to 63A) BS88 63A Industrial Fuse 2x 63 3PNE Switchable socket
Single Phase Sockets
13 Amp Sockets Various Sockets around Studio
Board Type Memshield 3 (250A rated), 125A MCB incomer Memshield 3 (200A rated), 125A MCCB incomer
Incoming Cable 35mm 4 core SWA 25mm 4 core SWA
Emergency Isolation Type 125A 4 pole rotary isolator To be fitted
Enclosure Wooden Cupboard, painted black Wall Mounted – to be moved
Board Emergency Light To be fitted To be fitted
AMP Meter Awaiting Install Awaiting Install
Volt Meter Awaiting Install Awaiting Install
Phase Neons Awaiting Install Awaiting Install
Electric Meters 100A External, pending replacement 200A inside board
Other Loads Estimated Load 32/3 MAX*
This board also powers:
– House Lights
– Green rooms
– 13A sockets in Studio
0A – dedicated board for lighting

*We have ammeters in place so you can monitor power in use, it’s possible to shutdown power to the green rooms / house lights if you need to use all of the power from this board.

Electricity Costs / information
For longer stays we charge electricity based on the meter at 20p per unit +VAT; for short term hire we only offer fixed rate electricity per day.

If you choose a fixed rate tariff we only charge for industrial power.

Supply Name Cost Power Available (3 phase) Total Power Available
House Supply – Domestic Sockets 0 32A 32A
1x 63A/3PNE Socket £100 +VAT 63A / 3 Phase 189A
2x 63A/3PNE Socket £200 +VAT (125A) 2x 63A / 3 Phase 189A
3x 63 amp 3 phase (all power) £300 +VAT (188A) 3x 63A / 3 Phase 300A

Electrical Distribution (for hire)

We keep the following electrical distribution on site for hire it is intended to be hired by smaller productions or independent gaffers who own lights + cabling but not the correct distribution for the studio.

Distribution must be booked at the time of booking the Studio, last-minute on the day emergency will be charged at double rate and payable in cash only.

We can supply:
£100+VAT per day, 63 amp 3 phase distribution kit
1x Flight Case with Distribution Gear containing
– 1x 63 amp 3 phase to 3x 63 amp single and 3x 32 amp single fitted RCD’s
– 5x 16 amp cables
– 2x 32 amp to 16 amp y coords
– 1x 32 amp to 16 amp

£150+VAT per day, 200 amp CamLok to 3x 63 amp 3 phase
– 5x 2 meter CamLok cables L1,L2,L3,N,E
– 1x 200 Amp CamLok distribution box with RCD’s to 3x 63 amp 3 phase