Other Information

Other Information


Public Liability – All Film / Photography in the UK must have Public Liability insurance see http://filmlondon.org.uk/legal#Insurance
Employers Liability – If you are hiring people to work on your production you must also have Employers Liability Insurance by law.
Equipment Insurance – The studio takes no responsibility for any equipment on site, please ensure you have insurance for your equipment.


The following documentation is required, before we will allow you to shoot at East End Studios:

  • Insurance Documentation – Scanned copy of your Public Liability Insurance
  • Call Sheet – We require a call sheet for fire regulation purposes to know who is on site in-case of a fire drill. If you do not wish to send us the production call sheet for confidentiality reasons a list of names will suffice will call times
  • Risk Assessment – We require a risk assessment to be done for your shoot, it is a legal requirement to create a risk assessment in the UK.
    see: http://www.hse.gov.uk/entertainment/index.htm

Deliveries / Collections

We do not accept Deliveries or Collection of items on days that the production company is not renting the studio. The studio only has the facilities to allow for one production job at a time. If you would like to have items delivered the day before or collect a day later, we will allow you to book the studio for 1/2 day.

Any items left without written authorization regardless of value will be disposed as rubbish and costs will be charged to the production.


The studio has two large manhole drains in the middle of the floor that that can be opened with a drain key, these are very useful for rain shoots as water can be pushed into the drain during the shoot or regularly pumped out using a sump pump.


The Studio has a mains water supply just outside the entrance this is a garden tap with the screw attachment. We are currently looking into providing more water for special effects.

Fire Detection

The studio does not have any Smoke Detectors or Sprinkler systems installed, the fire detection system is heat operated.

Special Effects

We allow for Special Effects to be done in the Studio the types of Effects we allow for are:
Fire – Only Propane Based Effects or Fire Dancing
Pyrotechnics – Only Indoor pyrotechnics from Le Maitre i.e. no distress flares, no domestic or outdoor fireworks
Water – Rain Effects, we can arrange these
Laser Effects – We can arrange these
Abseiling / Rope Work – We can arrange these

Unwanted Items / Rubbish

The loading bay has 2x Large Bins which are emptied weekly, we expected productions to be generating around 4 large bags of rubbish per day of a shoot. If your production is generating significantly more than this, you will need to pay for separate disposal.

Please do not attempt to dispose of furniture, props, flats by leaving them in the studio. Your production company will be not only charged for the removal but for any compensation due to the next production company using the space.

For set disposal it’s possible to hire in a skip and put this in the loading bay, with advance notice the set can be collected by a scenery salvage company.