Location Information


Vehicle Access to the Studio is straight through the Loading Bay (directly attached to the studio); the Studio access is approximately 5 to 6 meters from the road. The loading bay can provide your production with secure off-road loading and unloading capabilities.

The studio has very good access, the largest type of van (we believe) that can be driven straight into the Film Studio is a Luton Van. We regularly shoot with Cars, Motorbikes, Large props like Pianos.

For larger deliveries a 7.5 Tonne can be backed into the Loading Bay, due to the size of the loading bay it should be possible to unload two vehicles at once. However loading one vehicle at a time in practise tends to be more practical. We suggest that you schedule your delivery / return times to take account of this.

For productions bringing in a large amount of Lighting Equipment we ask / recommend that your lighting comes in flight cases, racks, roll cages. These can be wheeled into the studio space in and out in no time at all and reduce the safety risks of manual handling. Smaller productions may benefit from renting a Location Grip Van and parking it on set.

For cameras, it can make sense to drive-in and leave the camera van in the studio especially if you are planning on leaving unused kit in the Van. If you need assistance unloading there is often a caretaker on site who can help with unloading if needed for a small fee / donation on the day.

Studio Space

The studio is a steel portal frame warehouse with solid brick industrial walls which is very good for sound insulation. Our premises has D2 (Assembly and Leisure) planning usage and we can be used for corporate / private events up to a capacity of 500 between the hours of 8am to 11pm.

Ceiling – Composite Roof, with no sky lights fitted (complete black out)
Floor – Solid Concrete floor, painted with Matt Black Polyurethane Stage paint
Walls – Solid Brick walls, painted with Matt Black Paint
House Lighting – Currently Sodium lighting.

The size of the stage is: 24.5m, 22.9m, 18.35m, 16.5m this illustrated by the plan below.
Office floorplan - New Page4

Production Rooms

We have five productions rooms in the studio, these have laminated flooring and leather sofas / tub chairs. All rooms have 13 amp sockets and daylight balanced florescent lighting.

Two of the rooms have a make-up station with the hollywood style illuminated mirrors with 18x golf ball lights on each and dimmer (max 500w) on each mirror.

The size of the mirrors is 1200 x 1000.


The nearest multi storey parking is on Holbeach Road Multi Storey Car Park, Catford SE6 4TQ.

For other parking options see: Hither Green Parking

Off-street parking – It is possible to park 2 to 3 cars outside the loading bay, and 2 to 3 cars in the area between the studio and the green rooms. It is also possible to park additional vehicles inside the studio if an area of the space isn’t being used on the day.

We strongly recommend that only essential vehicles attempt to park on site i.e vehicles that are carrying equipment. As parking vehicles on site will reduce access if you need to take additional deliveries during your shoot.

Access / Parking arrangements will be managed by the Producer on site for the day, please do not contact the studio directly.